• CHIFENG RAILWAY STATION: the nearest high-speed railway station to Xiwuqi

The high-speed railway station, Chifeng Station, is about 360 kilometers away from Xiwuqi. It takes about 4 hours by car, and it costs about 700 yuan (off season) for private car rental and 1200 yuan (off season) for business car rental.

  • XILINHOT AIRPORT: the nearest airport to Xiwuqi

Xilinhot Airport is about 160 kilometers away from Xiwuqi, and it takes about 2 hours by car. Private car rental is about 350 yuan (off season), and business car rental is about 500 yuan (off season).


There are long-distance buses from Xiwuqi Station to Xilinhot, Beijing, Chifeng, Linxi,Dongwuqi, Ulagai, and Tongliao directions. The specific departure time should be based on the information published by the long-distance bus station.


The organizing committee provides the following event bus service:Please purchase it from the  registration form.

  • Shuttle bus from Chifeng Station to Xiwuqi

It takes about 4 hours (RMB200 one-way) from Chifeng Station (high-speed rail station) to Xiwuqi.

Departure time from Chifeng to Xiwuqi: at 16:30,June 30th.  From Chifeng Railway Station to Wuzhumuqin Hotel inXiwuqi

Departure time from Xiwuqi to Chifeng: at 15:00,July 2nd.  From Wuzhumuqin Hotel to Chifeng Railway Station

  • Shuttle bus between Xilinhot Airport and Xiwuqi 

Pick-up service: Xilinhot Airport toXiwuqi, it takes about 2 hours (RMB150 one-way)

Pick up flights from Xilinhot Airport toXiwuqi:

June 30th , CA8625 Beijing to Xilinhot

June 30th , KN2965 Beijing to Xilinhot

Transfer time from Xiwuqi to XilinhotAirport:

At 18:00, July 2nd , fromWuzhumuqin Hotel to Xilinhot Airport