Competition details

11th Genghis Khan MTB Adventure & Stage Race

Date: 9 Aug to 11 Aug 2019
Venue: Xiwuqi, Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Type: Mountain bike 3-day stage competition
Participants: open for everyone (except for professional bikers as described in point 1 of CoE)
Terrain: flat with rolling hills.
Terrain surface: trails, gravel, proper grassland.
Stage overview:






Xiwuqi Cultural Square – Xiwuqi Cultural Square

68 km

20 km


Xiwuqi Cultural Square / Mongolian Tent City

44 km

23 km


Xiwuqi Cultural Square

90.5 km

42 km

Conditions of entry

Before registration, please read through these conditions

Competition regulations

  • The Genghis Khan MTB Adventure is a 3-day stage race for mountain bikers (MTB), whereby each participant is deemed to be in good physical and mental condition (see also conditions of entry and our health insurance policy)
  • Wearing a cycling helmet is mandatory for each participant in the MTB event.
  • Participants are personally responsible to ensure their bikes and equipment are fit for the task, including their rental bike if they choose to rent one
  • To ensure fair competition and safety in adverse weather conditions , only mountain bikers are allowed. No road bikes, no cyclo-cross bikes or other hybrids.
  • Only leg power is allowed. Any kind of automatic or mechanic aids are disallowed. The Organization Committee (OC) reserves the right to check bikes before the start of each stage. Foot peg, locks, etc. shall all be removed before the start of the event. Aero or ‘triathlon’ handlebars are also disallowed.
  • Each participant must read through the full specific event regulations and guidelines. Starting the first stage means acceptance of the regulations.
  • All participants should behave in a sporting manner at all times and shall permit any faster biker to overtake without obstructing. The race director, supported by the race jury, may hand out time penalties or even a disqualification for unsporting behavior
  • Participants will receive and shall wear and place number bibs and plates correctly according to the instructions given before each event.
  • The track will be clearly marked by wooden arrows, flags and kilometer signs. Yellow is long distance, red is short distance.
  • Participants must follow the track as marked by the Organizing Committee (OC). Intermediate checkpoints with electronic time measurements are put at random places along the course and must be passed. No passage at a checkpoint or any other kind of shortcutting will result in disqualification from the day’s competition. Participants going off the official track will be self-responsible for any risk or injury occurring during this time.
  • The event is timed for all participants, during the whole course. Electronic timekeeping will be provided by means of a chip to be attached to the helmet according to instructions given.
  • The timekeeping will result in an official final ranking of every individual stage, both for men and women, long and short distance, and provided by the OC immediately after each competition. After each stage, the leader in the men and women long distance categories will receive a yellow leader’s jersey to be worn on the next day.
  • The final classification of the 2019 Genghis Khan MTB Adventure long distance stage race will be based on time. All participants’ time needed to cover the distance of each stage will be added up after the final stage. There will be a separate ranking for men and women.
  • Complaints about race result can be communicated to the race jury until 30 minutes after the relevant finish time. Note that a deposit of 200 RMB will be required for the jury to handle the case. If the complaint is deemed justified by the race jury, the person who filed the complaint will get the deposit back.
  • At the start, there will be three starting blocks: Block A = long distance riders; Block B = KOG participants; Block C = short distance riders; Block D=KOG Kids MTB (only at Sunday)
  • There is a cut-off time applied to all three stages
    Details to follow
    Bikers who do not reach the last drinking stations before this cut-off time will be required to stop and enter the sweeping car.
  • A prize giving ceremony will be held after each race. Participants eligible for a prize are required to remain at the Event Arena to collect their prize on the podium stage.
  • Refreshment stations: several drinking & feeding stations will be set up during each competition. These stations will provide:
    A first aid kit to deal with minor injuries
    Beverages: water, energy drinks
    Food: sweets, fruits, bread, chocolate bars etc
  • Littering zones: Genghis Khan Festival supports Leave No Trace (LNT) and will be strictly implementing its policy. Littering will only be allowed at well-marked and designated zones around the refreshment stations. Participants who are spotted throwing away bottles, cups, wrapping paper or any other garbage outside these zones will be disqualified from the result list of that day’s event.
  • Basic mechanical assistance will be provided at the Event Arena, but participants are highly encouraged to be self-sufficient and bring their own basic tools and spare parts.
  • Participants should carry a mobile phone. The event’s emergency number is printed on the number bib
  • A leading 4×4 for way-clearing, ambulances, clearing car and media cars are allowed on the course during the races. Apart from those, no further cars are allowed on the course.
  • The race jury is authorized to dismiss those participants (results included) who have violated the regulations and morality of the event.
  • The OC is authorized to shorten the race distances or cancel the event in case of force majeure.
  • If any additions to these regulations becomes necessary, these will be publicized by the OC on-site and online.
  • The final authority on the interpretation of the regulations for all relevant races is owned by the race director, supported by the race jury