Pan Lihui climbs too fast for Lachowski

Pan Lihui from Inner Mongolia’s capital city Hohhot is the surprise winner of the Grassland Marathon. In an exciting race he ran away from new KOG leader Zhang Zhenlong and last year’s champion Andrezj Lachowski on one of the climbs around km 25. Mongolia’s Sanjidmaa was fastest woman in a new course record!

Excellent weather conditions again for the 9th edition of the Grassland Marathon and Half Marathon. From the start a high pace was set by five runners. The trio that would eventually fight for the victory, and two runners from Ulaanbaatar. The latter two had to let go still before halfway. However, Surenjav found his own running rhythm and kept the leaders within sight. As Lachowski faded due to cramps in the final part of the race, the Mongolian even grabbed third place away from the Pole. Remarkable was the performance by Zhang Zhenlong, yesterday fourth in the first MTB stage. He took a considerable time advantage over his KOG rivals, which he can now defend in the next two MTB stages. Zhang Zhenlong actually ran aggressively, and definetely tried to beat Pan Lihui. But uphill, the runner from the region was just too quick. Pan Lihui’s time was 2:41 (unofficial).

top 10 Men

1. Pan Lihui (CHN) 2:41:16

2. Zhang Zhenlong (CHN) 2:46:27

3. Surenjav (MGL) 2:53:54

4. Andrzej Lachowski (POL) 2:57:44

5. Otgonzaya (MGL) 3:01:22

6. Yu Chongzheng (CHN) 3:01:29

7. Wen Xinxiang (CHN) 3:09:38

8. Wang Liquan (CHN) 3:11:28

9. Wang Lidong (CHN)

10. Wang Haijin (CHN) 3:14:42

Top 10 women

1. Sanjidmaa (MGL) 3:13:24

2. Chen Erfen (CHN) 3:48:16

3. Meng Wen (CHN) 3:50:57

4. Ling Hongyin (CHN) 3:55:51

5. Emily Dunn (. ) 3:57:00

6. Chen Cheng(CHN) 4:03:35

7. Liang Wanling (CHN) 4:07:19

8. Irina Gribanova (RUS) 4:07:49

9. Xiong Qin (CHN) 4:12:51

10. Chen Najing (CHN) 4:15:30