1. Can I book logistical services for my family members who don’t run/ rideA:Yes. But if you want to register for the races for kid under 18, please contact us directly. Email address: info@nordicways.com, our staff will register for your kid.
  2. If I got lost during the race or accidental injuries, which person should I contact?A: During the event, our emergency telephone number is +86 18618331277. As a precaution, we recommend that you carry mobile phones during the race.
  3. Can I rent a mountain bike in Xiwuqi?A:Nordic Ways provides bike rental (including helmets) service from Aug.9 to Aug.11. If you need one, remember to choose the bike size and rent dates when registering online. The number of rental bikes is not unlimited: first come, first serve.

    Please note that we always highly recommend to bring your own bike to the event. You will feel much more comfortable on your own material in the grasslands.

    BIKE RENTAL PRICE: 300 RMB for 3 days. The deposit of each rented bike is 500 RMB. Pay the deposit in cash when you pick up the bike at the WUZHUMUQIN Hotel. The deposit will be refunded upon the return of the bike.

    How to choose bike according to your height:

    Frame size Body Height

    15 inch (S) 155-165 cm

    17 inch (M)165-175 cm

    19 inch (L) 175-185 cm

    21 inch (XL)185-195 cm

  4. What equipment should be prepared for the travelA: Travel documents and Passport/ID. Long-sleeved jacket (The temperature might be as low as 16 degrees Celsius during the night and up to 30 degrees Celsius during the day). Helmet (if you participate in MTB race), Sun block, Sun glasses, Mosquito repellent, Aspirin and other medicine, Hygiene articles etc. Flashlight (if you are staying at yurt).
  5. Where can I get the participant bag & number bib when I arrive at Xiwuqi?A: The race office will be located in the lobby of the wuzhumuqin Hotel, all the participants are required to go to and receive their participant bag there. The bag includes: bike plate (for MTB), number bibs, pins, timing chip, event T-shirt (runners) , the event brochure and sponsor gifts. The deposit of the marathon chip is 100 RMB. After the marathon race, our staff will be at the finish to collect the chip. Alternatively, you return it afterwards at the Race Office. For the biker, there is no need to pay MTB chip deposit. Race office opening times are coming soon.
  6. If I take the night flight to Xilinhot, how can I get to the hotel I live in Xiwuqi? Can I get my number bibs and event bag as I arrive?A:We do not suggest you take the night flight in case of delay and which also give you less time to have rest for the race the next day. We offer airport shuttle service, you can find it when you are registering online. Airport shuttle bus will drop people off at Wuzhumuqin Hotel(event hotel), there you can pick up your race bag.

    Reminding: If you arrive late at night due to flight delays, you can also back to your hotel to have a rest first, then come to race office to get your race bag on the marathon day during 6 am – 6:30 am, our staff will be there to service you. About 10 minutes walk from race office to race start.

  7. This is my first race, how do I prepare for it?A: If you are a biker you need a MTB bike (full suspension is best but for this event is not a must), helmet, riding glasses, short gloves, sun protection, inner tubes, a small airpump, and tire repair tMP3/iPod (only with headphones! Do not disturb other runners with your music) . We will provide basic mechanical assistance on-site, but always best to come prepared yourself. In case of colder or wet weather, also consider bringing loose sleeves and leg warmers, even a lightweight rainjacket. Specific bike shorts with padding sit and feel better than unpadded shorts. Also, even though we have several refreshments station on each stage, always bring some snack or energy food (bar or gel) by yourself.
    If you are a runner, you could prepare a pair of off-road running shoes & a pair of standard running shoes, quick-drying short-sleeved T-shirt, quick-drying shorts, hats, sun protection, wrist strap , MP3/iPod (if you like music on your run), running pocket (which can hold small water bottle), energy food (gels or bars) .
  8. Does the organizing committee provide bike repair service? When is the service time and where could I find it?AWe are very sorry we will not provide bicycle repair services. We strongly recommend that you bring own simple maintenance tools. However, there are two Xiwuqi local bike shops, one of which – the Java store –  is specialised in MTB bikes. if there is a problem with your bike, you can go there and ask for help.
  9. Are we mainly racing offroad on grassland?A: Yes. Participants will start from the city centre (except MTB stage 1, which starts at Nadamu Arena on the grassland proper), but after riding / running about 2 km you will go off road.

    The course in the grasslands is mainly flat, but does feature some rolling hills and a handful of steeper slopes. Mountainbikers will negotiate over 500 Hm on stage 1 and stage 3 of the long distance. In dry conditions, stage 3 also has a few sand sections, where you may wish to take it easy or even walk a bit. Participants may encounter sheep, cows, horses and other cattle, but ideally they will not affect your race, so just enjoy the beauty of the grassland.

  10. Where can I find my result? Will the participants who finish the race get a medal and certificate? Where can I see event pictures afterwards?A. The race results will be published at the race office and first unofficial results will also be hung up at the event arena. They will of course also be published on the Genghis Khan website. All participants who finish the race will receive a medal and personalized certificate. To support environmental protection, the certificate is a digital one, you can download it on the Genghis Khan website after the race. Also your race photos will be published on the website.
  11. Which rules should I need to pay attention to during the race?A: In addition to the regular rules of the competition (available online), you also need to pay attention to:

    ① Event insurance. Due to special conditions of the insurance company, we will not be able to buy event insurance for the participant who register for the event after August 1st .We strongly recommend that you register before August 1st. If you register after August 1st, you need to take care of your own insurance (check whether participating in sports events is part of your cover)

    ② Environmental rules: We support the initiative of Leave No Trace (LNT) and will strictly implement this concept. During the Genghis Khan Festival competitions, there will be specifically marked zones around the food & drinking stations in which people can dump their garbage and wastepaper. People who are spotted littering outside these zones are running the risk of being disqualified from that day’s competition. Environmental protection concerns and benefits us all, so let’s keep the grasslands green!

    ③ Water station: will be set every five km along the marathon track. We will provide first aid kit (to deal with minor injuries), water, functional drinks, Snickers, fruit and other food. MTB refreshment stations are marked on the track maps. Typically they occur every 20 to 25 km.

    ④ Clothes deposit for runners: at the start at Cultural Square. All runners can deposit personal items except mobile phone, wallet and other valuables, and pick it up after the finish. Might be useful to deposit and extra T-shirt, there will be benches and tables at the finish arena to share experiences and a beer with people, as more runners are coming into the finish.

    ⑤ Chip: MTB chip needs to be attached to the left side of the helmet, no need to return it after the race. Marathon chip need to be tied to the upper part of your shoe, need to be returned at the finish after the race.

    ⑥ Bathroom. We will have mobile toilets at Cultural Square. However, we cannot install toilets in the grasslands. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Any further questions please contact:

Logistic: Ms.Jade tang jade.tang@nordicways.com Office tel: 010-85801757 ext 808

Payment confirmation and refund: Ms.Yue Hong hong.yue@nordicways.com, Office tel: 010-85801757 ext 818

Other information consulting: xinhan.tan@nordicways.com , tel: 010-85801757 ext 806