Conditions of entry

  • The Genghis Khan MTB Adventure is a sports event open to everyone, but promotes amateur, or non-professional, cycling. This means that professional cyclists, or ex professionals who have retired less than one year before the date of the event, can only take part ‘out of competition’, i.e. they will not feature in the result list nor receive any prizes. These cyclists are also expected not to influence the outcome of the competition and restrict themselves to defensive riding.
  • Definition of a ‘professional cyclist’: A professional or (ex) professional biker is a person whose name features on the current official team list of a UCI ProTour, Pro Continental or Continental team, as well as a UCI Elite MTB team, or UCI MTB team. The team lists are available for checking on the website of the UCI, the International Cycling Federation. You can find them here: . Fast riders who are hired as occasional guest riders for any of the aforementioned team categories, or for a national team appearance, are not considered professionals. The UCI team list is the only criteria we use to define a professional cyclist and there will be no discussion.
  • Chinese participants are required to provide valid information such as Name, Gender, ID, Birth Date and Native Place same as the ones of the permanent residence booklet.
  • Non -Chinese participants are required to provide valid information such as Name, Gender, ID, and Nationality same as the ones printed in their valid passports.
  • Since the 2003 Stockholm Consensus on Sex Reassignment in Sports, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of autonomy of gender identity in society, as reflected in the laws of many jurisdictions worldwide. Trans athletes (male to female and female to male) are welcome to take part in our Nordic Ways events, as are athletes diagnosed with DSD. However, as most of our events offer race results and related to that prizes and prizemoney, fair competition must be ensured and we therefore follow the guidelines set by the International Olympic Committee (link: ) . Especially trans athletes who transition from male to female need to be aware of the conditions for participation in actual competition. Trans athletes and DSD athletes are kindly requested to contact the race director of the event following registration to avoid any potential issues during the event. The person in question will handle the registration with discretion and according to the IOC guidelines – not because we necessarily agree with those guidelines, but because we are not in a position to re-invent the wheel.
  • Nordic Ways preserves the right to refuse people from entering the event if their participation would harm the integrity or reputation of the event. For example, people known to have been suspended repeatedly for breaching the WADA anti-doping code, or people who have engaged in any kind of misconduct during previous editions of the event or other known events
  • Each participant shall fill in the registration form correctly and completely (a written consent from the relevant guardians is demanded for participants under 18 or over 60). Participants shall sign up the official way and pay the registration fee within 3 days. Registration for 2019will begin early June
  • Each registered participant will receive a participant’s bag at the event’s race office in Xiwuqi Hotel, which contains the following items: number bib, bike plate, electronic chip, event T-shirt(just as a souvenir, size is random), sponsor gifts, printed route map with marked water/food points, mineral water.

Event Insurance

  • Please be aware of the risks related to endurance sports. You must attend the event out of your own free will. Participants are required to be in proper and healthy condition and have signed a statement saying so. Nordic Ways declines all liability if health problems are experienced during the event.
  • Nordic Ways will purchase insurances for the registered cyclists(age between 18 to 60), based on the information you provided. Hence, participants are required to fill in the necessary information in a correct fashion. Otherwise, they are personally responsible for any risk or injury occurred during the event.

Type of Insurance

Accident Insurance(including accidental death or injury & disability);

Coverage: 500,000RMB

Accidental Medical Treatment Insurance,Coveragr:50,000RMB

Note: the insurance only covers accidents that happened during the race.

  • Instruction of Insurance
  • When accident occurred, please tell the doctors first that the participants have commercial insurance, and make sure all the medical treatment fee invoices will be issued under your PASSPORT NAME, otherwise the cost cannot be reimbursed by insurance company. Participants who obtain injury or any other health hazard during the event shall follow the official insurance procedure. Participants will pay the medical treatment fee in advance; Nordic Ways will not be responsible for advance payments. When accident happens, please report to hotline: 400-678-8169 within 48 hours.
  • If the participants need to transfer to another hospital, then an Emergency Diagnosis Certificate with the official seal of the local hospital and a Transfer Statement are needed. After that, participants could just follow the procedure for reimbursement.
  • If the participants need the accident certificate, please send your request to us: